So you have Alzheimer’s Disease…now what?

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Many people are faced with uncertainty when they are given a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.  What is the next step?  If your diagnosis is early there are a couple of things that you should do immediately.  Most people are not prepared to deal with the financial and legal consequences that follow a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and other progressive diseases. Legal …

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Metabolism and You

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It is spring time…finally!  In addition to the flowers blooming, the birds singing and grass growing, everywhere you go you see people out and about the town.  People are biking. People are walking. People are running.  Exercise is not for the ill prepared but it does not have to be hard. How many times have you heard someone say they …

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Get out there and get moving

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Every year we make New Year’s resolutions and the most common ones are: “I am going to lose weight”, “I am going to start eating right”, or “I am going to start exercising.”  Well, it has been a month.  How are you doing on those resolutions?? According to the Mayo Clinic the best way to improve your health is: to …

Health Care Budgeting

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insDo you plan for the future?  Spend more than you earn?  Are you scraping by on your monthly income?  Do you allow a set amount for health care?  If you are not budgeting for health care, you need to start.  Most individuals cannot afford medical bills if they have not saved wisely.  Allocating money for health care is often overlooked …

Comparison Shopping & Health Care

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How much is this going to cost?  How much will my insurance cover?  These are questions some people fail to ask before seeing the doctor.  Comparison shopping is now a thing of the future.  Over half of the people in the United States will postpone or ignore necessary medical procedures due to cost of treatment. Can you shop around for …

To Immunize or not….that is the question

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Should I immunize my child or not? Should an adult be immunized? There is a lot of debate surrounding immunization.  So the question is whether or not you should immunize and if so, what immunizations are necessary and which ones are not? The question of immunization is no longer a personal matter; it has become a public health issue with …

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Sunscreen and You

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  There are some things that we automatically reach for as we head out the door each day: wallet, keys, cell phone, and possibly sunglasses.  Rarely is sunscreen on the top of the list.  However, studies show that daily use of sunscreen helps reduce the risk for skin cancer.  UVA rays are the ones that age our skin and UVB …

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Employer Payment Plans Now a “No-No”

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  Employer Payment Plans Now a “No-No” Feb 9, 2016 25 views 0 Likes 0 Comments Share on LinkedIn Share on Facebook Share on Twitter If you are currently paying the premium for an employee’s individual medical policy (Employer Payment Plan) you will want to read this post. If you are unsure if you are involved in an Employer Payment …

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February is American Heart Health Month!

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February is American Heart Month. According to the CDC, one in four deaths in the US is from heart disease.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US.  By making simple changes to your current lifestyle you can reduce the risk of heart disease. Heart health is the focus of the month of February but you can …