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Metabolism and You

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It is spring time…finally!  In addition to the flowers blooming, the birds singing and grass growing, everywhere you go you see people out and about the town.  People are biking. People are walking. People are running.  Exercise is not for the ill prepared but it does not have to be hard.

How many times have you heard someone say they can’t lose weight because they don’t have enough time? Or because they have a slow metabolism?

What exactly is metabolism??  Simply put metabolism is a process that is necessary to maintain life.   Metabolism turns the food you eat into the energy your body needs.  However, most people use it in relation to weight loss.  While metabolism does play a role in weight loss or gain it is much more than that alone.  Here are a few things to consider when you think about your metabolism.

  1.  Eating breakfast will speed up your metabolism.  It gets the day started off right away with a jump in your metabolism.
  2.  Some medications will affect your metabolism.  Medications can slow down your metabolism but others can speed it up.  Consult your pharmacist about which medications can alter you metabolism.  Make a plan on how you will alter your behavior to compensate for the result the medication has on your metabolism.  Do not quit taking a medication unless instructed to do so by your doctor!!!!
  3. Unfortunately age is also a factor.  As we get older our metabolism will slow down. The reason behind this is because when we age we lose muscle and gain fat…a lot of older people will become less active.  What is the solution to this problem? Do the opposite…get out there and take up a new activity!  It doesn’t have to be running a marathon but try walking 10 min more each day.  If you add ten minutes of walking each day you will have walked over an hour by the end of a week.  Then add 5 minutes the next week.  Start with little steps and remember to always consult your medical practitioner before starting any new physical routines.
  4. Rapid weight loss will slow down your metabolism also.  Crash diets and rapid weight loss are never a good thing unless your doctor recommends it for surgery or other reasons.  When you loss weight rapidly it causes your body to need less energy to function.  As you lose weight you need to take in fewer calories or take on more physical activities to burn more calories so you will continue to lose weight at a healthy level and speed.

So here is the bottom line:  Help your metabolism by changing the balance between what you eat and what you burn.  Through healthy diet and physical activity you and your metabolism can find the right place for you to be happy and healthy at any age!  For healthy tips and diets check out the Mayo Clinic website at  You can find great tips and advice.

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